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Ostrich egg cam, baby ostrich from pip to assisted hatch,just amazing, baby's name is PIP, 8/18/13

Posted on Sunday, August 18, 2013
Kevin Smithe, Video Curator

Pip seems healthy and doing great (and by 'she' I mean I don't know the gender)

To answer various questions

First crack appeared about 10:30 AM on August 17, 2013, so it was 21 hours to first crack noticed to exiting egg. Hatching was complicated by the membranes being dry and adhering to the chick’s body, making her unable to rotate, get out, or peck another area. The decision was made to gently assist the hatch. No, I never did this before, and I am not sure why the membrane was dry. Either the humidity was too low (kept between 26 and 29%) or the temperature too high, or the hatching was delayed by a few days.

I would have liked to have a web cam experience continue after Pip hatches, and I LOVED meeting the bird lovers, rescue people and generally very nice folks. The sound is turned off for family privacy now, but the Live Baby ostrich cam will continue indefinitely.

Watch more: www.ustream.tv

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