The Largest Tree House In North America

Saturday, November 09, 2013

The Largest Tree House In North America This tree house was built by Doris & Ernest Needham in the 1950s. The couple created a magical place to retire in and called it the Enchanted Forest: "The main trail of the grand forest provides the magical setting for over 350 jolly folk art figurines, BC’s tallest grandest treehouse that rises fifty feet into the forest canopy and a giant stump house with surprises around every corner. Doris Needham was an artist in Revelstoke during the 1950’s. She made unusual fairy tale figurines from cement by shaping her creations by hand, without the use of molds or forms. Desiring to find the perfect setting for her handiwork, she searched for two years and finally chose this unique but isolated location between Revelstoke and Sicamous, BC. This endeavour turned into a retirement project, which Doris and her husband Ernest named their “Enchanted Forest”." Read more: