Man Sues Wife For Having Ugly Children and Wins

Friday, November 08, 2013

Man Sues Wife For Having Ugly Children and Wins Yes, it's true! A Chinese man divorced and sued his former wife for having ugly kids. She later admitted to having lots of plastic surgery to beautify herself before he met her and with that he won his case. How could anyone be so shallow and cruel as to think their own children are ugly? Even if I did think it, I'd never divulge such a thing to anyone! Furthermore, I don't see these children as ugly. I've see some of the most plain looking girls grow up to be absolute beauties. But then, here we go again with worshiping looks over substance. Did this guy stop to think how this will affect his kids when they get older? Of course not, he's only thinking of himself and the court should be ashamed for such a ruling, no matter the country. Photo Credit: FunCage