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Chinese mummy aged 300 years in a day after being discovered

Posted on Wednesday, October 16, 2013
Juan Pierre Dubois, MuldersWorld.com Editor
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Chinese mummy aged 300 years in a day after being discovered.

Baffled Chinese archaeologists are studying a 300 year-old coffin found with two others in which two of the bodies had been reduced to skeletons, but in which the third was almost perfectly preserved.

- When one of the coffins was opened, the man's face, experts claim, was perfectly preserved....

- Within hours, however, the face started to go black, and a foul smell began to emanate from the body.

- The skin on the corpse - which has now been taken to the local university for study - also turned black.

- 'The Chinese did not do any treatment of the body to preserve it as known from ancient Egypt, for instance.

- In this case, the body may have had a lacquered coffin, covered in charcoal - which was common at the time.

- It's believe the corpse belonged to a very senior official from the early Qing Dynasty.

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