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Reconstruction the Giant Skeleton rediscovered in Loja in Ecuador 19 October 2012. Filed under:...

Posted on Thursday, September 05, 2013
Jonathan Jones, MuldersWorld.com Editor
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Reconstruction the Giant Skeleton rediscovered in Loja in Ecuador 19 October 2012. Filed under: Anomalies (Source: Global333) in the province of Loja, in the South of the Ecuador and the Peru border, residents remember hearing long ago in the beautiful valleys in this province were reportedly discovered skeletons very similar to those of humans, but of an incredible size.

By far the most famous of these discoverers was the father Carlos Miguel Vaca (*Refer to Father Crespi in album as well) who was kept until his death in 1999, several bones and fragments found on a site named "Changaiminas" which translated into Spanish means "cemetery of the gods «.»

Several fragments were sent to the Smithsonian Institution in the United States, so they are studying their density, age, and weight. We realized a 2 h 30 television show broadcast in Ecuador on Ecuavisa, led by the famous Presenter: Alfonso Espinoza de los Monteros.

A fragment of this collection is presented by the famous researcher Klaus Dona in its 'Unsolved Mysteries' submissions. Several other fragments are known to be part of private collections. [...]

The following fragmented skeleton, seven fragments were investigated by seven different scientists and Anatomists have confirmed that they are part of a human skeleton of seven times (7x!!!) the size of a modern human being. [...]

Californian scientist Alex Putney participated in the skeletal reconstruction on the basis of fragments, for eight months with a team.

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