Instagram Ghost Hand

Monday, December 16, 2013

Instagram Ghost Hand A loving photo of a mom and child is interrupted by what is claimed to be a hand from nowhere. Actually the hand was noticed by music star, Bob Geldof who just happens to be the woman's father. If you look at her right shoulder, you'll see it. Peaches Geldof along with her son, Astala were in the bathtub playing in the bubbles when she decided to snap the photo. Peaches believes the hand is that of a female spirit and that she is friendly and loves children. Yieieie! Hello! I suppose when you have a name like Peaches and you name your son something that you can't even pronounce, you tend to believe that maternal ghosts hang in your bathroom. Peaches' husband thinks the hand belongs to a woman who committed suicide on the property 100+ years ago and still inhabits the house. They claim to run into her from time to time, although never when they need a babysitter..... Photo: Instagram