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Alien Lair Found On Mars (Video)

Thursday, November 12, 20151121
Is this an alien peeking out of its lair?

Cloaked UFO Spotted Over Houston (Video)

Thursday, November 12, 20151394
The sighting sparked a debate in the online UFO community as enthusiasts discussed whether the lights were indicative of a UFO phenomenon or an...

Budapest Man Crashes $2 Million Ferrari Minutes After Purchasing It (Video)

Wednesday, November 11, 20151210
Just minutes after leaving the dealership, a man in Budapest crashed his brand new, $1.9 million Ferrari, also known as one of the most expensive...

Doctor Gone Missing 20 Years Ago Is Found Living Deep in Forest (Photo)

Wednesday, November 11, 20151797
Mulder's World
A Spanish doctor who went missing 20 years ago and was declared dead by authorities 14 years later, after nothing was seen or heard of him, was...

The Latest Trend in Biohacking-Implanting LED Lights Beneath the Skin (Photo)

Wednesday, November 11, 2015960
Mulder's World
Biohackers are always looking for new ways to enhance their bodies with implantable technology, even if it’s for aesthetic purposes only. The newest...

Toddler Bites Most Venous Snake To Death (Video)

Wednesday, November 11, 20151436
Toddler survives after killing a jararaca snake with his teeth. These are the world's most venomous snakes.

Dangerous Emus Terrorizing Austin Texas Residents (Video)

Wednesday, November 11, 20151397
Pima County Police reportedly spent hours trying to round up the fearsome foursome and posted a hilarious video of the emu-gency to their Facebook...

Thermal Scans Reveal Mysterious Anomaly in the Great Pyramid (Video)

Wednesday, November 11, 20151634
“There is something like a small passage in the ground that you can see, leading up to the pyramids ground, reaching an area with a different...

11 tons of copper coins found in 2,000 year old tomb (Photo)

Tuesday, November 10, 20151162
Mulder's World
The ancient money, which bears Chinese symbols, characters, and a square hole at its center, were found at a dig site in the Xinjian District in the...

Ghost Photobombs ***y Blonde In England (Video)

Tuesday, November 10, 20151171
A mother has fled her flat after she was photobombed in a selfie by what appears to be a ghost.

Weird three eyed catfish captured by fisherman in Brooklyn (Video)

Tuesday, November 10, 20151059
Video from witness shows a three-eyed catfish that was captured by a fisherman in Brooklyn.

Two women wanted for twerking on stranger, facing charges (Video)

Tuesday, November 10, 20151531
Two women are wanted for ***ual abuse after twerking on a man they didn’t know in a Washington D.C. convenience store last month.

Incredible drone footage shows huge 600ft sinkhole that opened up in IHOP parking lot and swallowing 15 cars (Photo)

Monday, November 09, 2015883
Mulder's World
Aerial footage, shot by a drone, shows the gaping chasm that opened up outside the restaurant in Meridian, Mississippi, on Saturday night. Witnesses...

Is this proof Bigfoot exists? Woman claims to have spotted elusive creature in the UK (Photo)

Monday, November 09, 20151201
Mulder's World
A dog walker claims to have captured images of ' Bigfoot ' roaming in the Sus*** countryside. Caroline Toms was walking with her border collie Ash...

Arizona Campers Spooked By Rock Throwing Bigfoot [True Bigfoot Stories] (Video)

Monday, November 09, 20151485
Carlton M. and eight of his buddies had one of the spookiest moments of their lives while camping up in northern Arizona. The guys with him were...

These UFO Clouds Over Cape Town, South Africa Are Called Lenticular Clouds (Video)

Monday, November 09, 2015996
Cape Town was treated to a beautiful formation of Lenticular clouds on Sunday (8 November).

Jennifer Lawrence Kissed Natalie Dormer And She Liked It (Video)

Monday, November 09, 20151281
Pucker up, Katniss! Jennifer Lawrence bursts out laughing after planting a huge kiss on the LIPS of Hunger Games co-star Natalie Dormer.

Massive Sinkhole/Cave-In Swallows 15 Cars At IHOP In Mississippi (Video)

Monday, November 09, 20151107
A cave-in of a restaurant parking lot in Mississippi swallowed 12 cars and now experts are expected to begin work Monday to determine the cause of...

First Footage Ever Recorded of the World’s Rarest Whale: Omura (Video)

Sunday, November 08, 20151302
This is the first time the Omura whale has been seen alive in the wild by human eyes.

This Dying Man Is The First To See Star Wars The Force Awakens (Video)

Sunday, November 08, 2015592
Daniel Fleetwood, who has terminal cancer, saw an unedited cut of the new film Thursday.

UFO Spotted By Hundreds Over Southern California (Video)

Saturday, November 07, 20151336
Witnesses from Southern California to the San Francisco Bay Area on Saturday evening reported seeing an unexplained moving light that was reportedly...

UFO Spaceship Leaves Trail of Light (Video)

Saturday, November 07, 20151290
The footage shows a comet-like object streaking across the skyline in Texas.

Bigfoot Hunted by a Helicopter (Video)

Friday, November 06, 20151584
On February 17, 2011, a video was posted to YouTube with the title ‘Bigfoot hunted by helicopter’. It was filmed at an unknown location and the...

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