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Surgeon claims to have carried out a head transplant on a live monkey (Photo)

Wednesday, January 20, 20161160
Mulder's World
Eccentric Italian surgeon Sergio Canavero claims researchers in China have successfully carried out a head transplant on a monkey. The ambitious...

‘Michelin man’ is spotted walking on top of clouds (Photo)

Wednesday, January 20, 20162547
Mulder's World
This chilling scenario could actually be true, after an Easyjet passenger captured a cloud man ambling along while on a flight from Austria to...

‘Bionic’ Girl Is Immune to Pain, Hunger and Fatigue (Photo)

Tuesday, January 19, 20161101
Mulder's World
Meet Olivia Farnsworth, a British girl who doesn’t feel any pain and never feels the need to eat or sleep. At age seven, she’s able to go for days...

Bizarre 'Ice Volcano' Discovered on Pluto (Photo)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016962
Mulder's World
NASA has released an up-close image of what may be one of the strangest features on Pluto: a massive volcano that spewed ice instead of lava....

Truck vs Sand (Video)

Monday, January 18, 2016864

Let us introduce you to the bony-eared assfish (Photo)

Friday, January 15, 20161595
Mulder's World
The bony-eared assfish’s scientific name is Acanthonus armatus, however it is on display at the Royal BC Museum in British Columbia, Canada with its...

Woman Dumped Because of Her Weight Threatens to Send Ex Bar of Soap Made from Her Own Fat (Photo)

Friday, January 15, 20161219
Mulder's World
The story of a woman’s revenge on her ex-boyfriend and his family has gone viral on Chinese social media. After getting dumped because of her weight,...

Witch Execution Site Found In Salem (Article)

Friday, January 15, 2016393

Search for the Missing Malaysia MH370 Plane Uncovers Two Shipwrecks Near Australia (Photo)

Thursday, January 14, 20161169
Mulder's World
Officials still haven’t found MH370, the Malaysia Airlines plane that disappeared nearly two years ago while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing....

Man Proves He Can Survive on Air Alone (Photo)

Wednesday, January 13, 20161434
Mulder's World
Prahlad Jani, the amazing Yogi who claims he hasn’t eaten or drunk and fluids, for the last 70 years, was put to the test, by Indian specialists, and...

Man turns cave into a dream home (Photo)

Wednesday, January 13, 20161244
Mulder's World
In search of a simpler life, a corporate honcho from Australia decided to give up his career and become a caveman. But not before spending an...

Ultrasound reveals creepy image of King Arthur (Photo)

Tuesday, January 12, 20161393
Mulder's World
A couple who had already named their unborn baby after King Arthur have expressed their surprise after it lived up to the title in an ultrasound-...

Crocodile's Slippery Water Slide (Video)

Monday, January 11, 20161603

Creepy! A mountain lion found with a second set of teeth growing out of its forehead (Photo)

Friday, January 08, 20162908
Mulder's World
A mountain lion with a rare physical abnormality has wildlife officials in Southeast Idaho stumped. The yearling cougar, which was harvested near...

This is one disturbing gambling trend in Taiwan (Photo)

Friday, January 08, 20162177
Mulder's World
A macabre gambling trend has taken off in Taiwan’s thrid largest city of Taichung. Doctors, nurses and even the families of terminally ill cancer...

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