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Indonesian known as 'the tree man' dies (Photo)

Wednesday, February 03, 20163873
Mulder's World
An Indonesian known as 'the tree man' due to the scaly warts covering his body has passed away after a long battle with his rare and incurable...

Indiana's Most Haunted House Is Torn Down (Article)

Wednesday, February 03, 2016783

Discovery of a tomb of a previously unknown queen is shedding light on a dark period of ancient Egyptian history (Photo)

Tuesday, February 02, 20161984
Mulder's World
Archaeologists unearthed the 4,600-year-old tomb of Khentkaus III a queen of the Old Kingdom in November in the necropolis of Abu-sir, southwest of...

UK's most haunted house is up for sale (Photo)

Tuesday, February 02, 20161852
Mulder's World
Vanessa Mitchell, 43, managed to last 11 years in the haunted house, completely unaware of its history when she moved there in 2004.The house, known...

Alien fish with human nose (Photo)

Monday, February 01, 20161476
Mulder's World
The aquatic horror was hauled ashore in Windward on the Island of Carriacou – and the man who caught it believes it ‘walks on the seabed’. An...

Bonsai trees that float and spin in mid-air (Photo)

Friday, January 29, 20161202
Mulder's World
A Japanese firm called Hoshinchu is producing kits for customers to produce their own floating versions of tiny house plants called Air Bonsai. The...

2,500-year-old footprints disovered in Arizona (Photo)

Thursday, January 28, 20161224
Mulder's World
The barefoot prints left by a family of early Native American farmers 2,500 years ago as they walked through their fields have been unearthed on the...

Black Fish with 'Legs' Discovered in New Zealand (Photo)

Thursday, January 28, 20161217
Mulder's World
A New Zealand family on vacation in the Bay of Islands found that out firsthand when they encountered a squat black fish that seemed to have...

India's jets have ‘shot down a UFO’ (Photo)

Thursday, January 28, 20162360
Mulder's World
The Indian Air Force said that its fighter jets had shot down a UFO this week over the northern state of Rajasthan. Fighter jets were scrambled...

The Creepy Luk Thep Dolls of Thailand (Article)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016189

This man has a record-breaking 28 fingers and toes (Photo)

Wednesday, January 27, 20161307
Mulder's World
An Indian man who holds the record for the most number of fingers and toes is worried he might lose one of the extra fingers he considers as God's...

Dolls Looks So Real-You Won't Believe They Are Made of Clay (Photo)

Wednesday, January 27, 20161239
Mulder's World
Russian sculptor Michael Zajkov specializes in making unique dolls. Unlike the run-of-the-mill plastic dolls sold at toy stores across the country,...

The Real Life Iron Man (Video)

Wednesday, January 27, 20161542

Blurred-out regions on Google Earth claimed to contained everything from secret cities to UFO test areas (Photo)

Tuesday, January 26, 20161471
Mulder's World
Several areas on Google Earth have seemingly disappeared or been hidden - some for seemingly no good reason. These include areas of Valencia City in...

Man Replaces One of His Eyeballs with a Small Camera (Photo)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016968
Mulder's World
Rob Spence, a Toronto-based filmmaker, is so dedicated to his craft that he’s replaced one of his eyeballs with a camera-eye. Before you become too...

Rare White Giraffe Spotted in Tanzania National Park (Photo)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016836
Mulder's World
A rare white giraffe was spotted in Tanzania's Tarangire National Park. This giraffe, named Omo, has a condition called leucism. "Leucism is a...

Japan Creates Electric Fork That Alters the Taste of Food (Photo)

Friday, January 22, 2016911
Mulder's World
Proving this fact is a revolutionary electric fork designed by Japanese researchers that can make any dish taste salty, thus acting as a substitute...

The Most World's Most Dangerous Road-Turkey's Bayburt D915 Road (Photo)

Thursday, January 21, 20161872
Mulder's World
Located in the foothills of the 6,000-foot-high Soganli Mountain, it is described as a difficult route where 'you cannot turn at some of the bends in...

Woman claims she was abducted by aliens and took selfies with her phone (Photo)

Thursday, January 21, 20163384
Mulder's World
According to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a woman claims she was abducted by aliens and they took selfies on her phone. Her proof? Well, apart...

Bizarre 'saucer-shaped' UFO captured in Florida (Video)

Thursday, January 21, 20161459

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