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Tourist baffled by bizarre sea creature captured on camera in Corfu (Photo)

Tuesday, October 27, 20154115
Mulder's World
Harvey Robertson was on a boat trip on the west coast of Greece, 20 miles south of Albania, when he took pictures in a sea cave. He was shocked to...

Mysterious Corpse Washes Up In Paraguay (Video)

Tuesday, October 27, 20152592
Mysterious Corpse Washes Up In Paraguay

Polar Bear spotted walking on Mars (Photo)

Tuesday, October 27, 20153201
Mulder's World
The U.N. has been alerted after NASA found an actual baby polar bear on Mars – with hair and everything. Scott Waring writes on UFO Sightings...

Unborn Brother Fathered A Son (Article)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015391

Rare Eel Found In Kansas River (Photo)

Monday, October 26, 20151187
Mulder's World
A Kansas angler reeled in something that hadn't been seen in the area in about a decade: an American eel. The 30-inch long eel was caught in the...

10,000 year old cave lion discovered (Photo)

Monday, October 26, 20152695
Mulder's World
The cave lions were almost perfectly preserved in permafrost and could be much older. Picture: Academy of Sciences of Yakutia The unprecedented...

Thailand's Vegetarian Festival (Photo)

Thursday, October 22, 20151052
Mulder's World
In sacred rituals, devotees known as "Mah Song" or "Spirit Horses" work themselves into trances to have all manner of items pierced through their...

Researchers in Turkey Uncover Secret Tunnel in Ancient Castle (Photo)

Thursday, October 22, 20151198
Mulder's World
Archaeologists excavating a fortress in central Turkey have discovered a secret tunnel dating to perhaps 4000 years ago. So far, little is known...

1,200-year-old Viking sword found in Norway (Photo)

Thursday, October 22, 20151180
Mulder's World
The sword was found by a hiker in Haukeli in central southern Norway. It is 30-inches long and is believed to date back between 750AD and 800AD. The...

Medusa's head unearthed in Turkey (Photo)

Wednesday, October 21, 20151260
Mulder's World
In the ruins of a Roman city in southern Turkey, archaeologists have discovered a marble head of Medusa, somehow spared during an early Christian...

St Marys Church in Pendle Hill is haunted by the spirits of the witches (Photo)

Wednesday, October 21, 20151652
Mulder's World
These creepy pictures could be the best evidence yet that the spirit of one of the Pendle witches haunts the notorious town. The spine-chilling...

Ancient death masks from warrior race unearthed in Siberia (Photo)

Tuesday, October 20, 20151493
Mulder's World
The discovery was made in a giant tomb in Kemerovo region with the remains belonging to the mysterious Tashtyk people, famed for their elaborate...

NASA probe spots angry alien face on Pluto (Photo)

Tuesday, October 20, 20151266
Mulder's World
The same website which found the space crab on Mars has now seen a crashed spaceship on Pluto in footage sent back by NASA’s New Horizons probe. Even...

Man Has His Ears Cut Off to Better Resemble His Pet Parrots (Photo)

Tuesday, October 20, 20151175
Mulder's World
British man Ted Richards is so in love with his pet parrots that he wants to look just like them. So he actually went through a six-hour operation to...

450-year old church has emerged from receding waters in Mexico (Photo)

Monday, October 19, 20153411
Mulder's World
A drought in southern Mexico has caused water levels to fall so much that the remains of a long-abandoned, 16th-century church are now visible above...

Man Sues Park after Giant Pine Cone Crushes His Skull (Photo)

Monday, October 19, 20151201
Mulder's World
Navy veteran Sean Mace is suing a California national park for $5 million after his skull was crushed in a freak accident. A giant pine cone...

Man Bites Another Passenger On Plane Just Before Collapsing And Dying (Photo)

Monday, October 19, 20151451
Mulder's World
OneBrazilian man who collapsed and died after reportedly biting a fellow flier on Sunday evening’s Aer Lingus flight to Dublin. The flight...

Has the Biblical city of Sodom been found? (Photo)

Tuesday, October 13, 20152119
Mulder's World
Experts investigating the region of Tall el-Hammam in Jordan believe the remains of a 'monstrous' Bronze Age city, matches the Biblical description...

Man Declared Dead Came Back To Life Right Before His Autopsy (Photo)

Tuesday, October 13, 20152063
Mulder's World
A man in India was pronounced dead but woke up just minutes before his autopsy was about to start.According to the BBC, a homeless man known as...

The haunted history of Hitler's death camp (Photo)

Monday, October 12, 20154420
Mulder's World
Hitler's 'special execution group' rounded up patients and doctors from psychiatric hospitals such as the one in Owinska and took them to...

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